Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd County, Virginia. Riverstone Organic Farm is blessed with fertile, flat river bottom land, which is unusual for this area. The farm has been in cultivation for over a century, maybe more. The solid brick farmhouse on the property was built early in the twentieth century, and three generations of farmers have lived there and farmed the land. Now the location is again an active working farm, and additional land has been rented from two immediate neighbors to support the growth of an organic vegetable farm and pasture-raised meat operation.

The crop land has been fenced with over two miles of deer fence and our pasture lands are divided into separate pasture areas for rotational grazing. There are several old barns on the property which serve for storage, and a substantial new barn built in 2012 houses most of the equipment and supplies and serves as the working base for the farm. As Riverstone has worked more towards season extension, we have built six hoop houses (including one heated greenhouse) which now operate for a large part of the year. In May 2015 we opened our farm store, a small building, right on the road, which gives access to all our farm products to our neighbors and farm visitors. In 2017 we built a certified commercial on-farm kitchen which allows us to process jams, chutneys, soups and baked goods featuring products of the farm.

Much of the work of the farm is based on our wish to improve the land and open the possibilities for a long-term, sustainable agricultural operation, coexisting with well-preserved natural habitats. We enjoy sharing the products and landscape of the farm with our customers and guests.  A river runs along one boundary of the property and affords wildlife habitat on its protected banks. There is also a woodland and a section of wetland on the land, allowing for a wide range of habitats. The farm is home to a wonderful range of native flora and fauna. All in all, it’s a beautiful place to work and a beautiful place to visit

Tiffany Thompson, Alex Hessler, and Clay

The Farmers

Beginning in 2019, the vegetable production business at Riverstone Organic Farm is being operated by Tiffany Thompson and her husband Alex Hessler. Tiffany and Alex share a passion for sustainable and organic agriculture and hope to build a life steeped in nature, family, and community at Riverstone. Tiffany managed the educational organic vegetable farm at the University of Kentucky for five years prior to moving to Virginia in 2016. Alex is currently an instructor in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences at Virginia Tech and director of Homefield Farm, an educational farm that grows produce for Virginia Tech’s dining halls. Both Tiffany and Alex hold master’s degrees in horticulture from the University of Kentucky.  They live in the farmhouse at Riverstone with their one-year old son Clay. 

History & Vision

A center for sustainable agriculture in Floyd County

After a two year search, Woody and Jackie Crenshaw bought their dream farm in 2002. They did this for several reasons: one being a way to get their retirement savings out of the Wall Street economy and into the local economy; to a place they could see, touch, and care for it. It was also intended as the beginning of an — as yet — undefined project that they hoped would one day be useful for their community. Early on, they saw a need to restore and care for this parcel land, which had been stressed by overgrazing. The first years were spent removing the detritus built up over years, restoring the riverbanks, clearing pathways through the woodland and renewing the internal access roads. Over time, a vision emerged of an organic valley, something that could, one day, become a center for sustainable agriculture in Floyd County.

In 2009, the SustainFloyd organization began researching how to bring a new pulse of energy to local agriculture, and the time seemed right for the Crenshaws to step out and create a real working farm where ideas and strategies could be tested on the ground in real time. This thought lead the Crenshaws to approach their neighbor, an experienced organic farmer, with whom they worked to design and build a certified organic farm from the ground up. That began a three-year partnership that resulted in Riverstone Organic Farm. Today, Riverstone is a fully functioning certified organic GAP farm that is steadily developing into an efficient and profitable operation and making a name for itself by producing high quality food using sustainable practices.

Our Values

Working in harmony with the natural processes around us