We are NOW accepting applications for the 2022 season

We hire passionate, energetic, hard-working people for both full and part-time positions to join our farm team each season. New employees join a seasoned team of farmers dedicated to growing beautiful vegetables, constant improvement, and enjoying the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains we are lucky to call home. Trust, respect, and open communication are the backbone of our success, and all new employees must embrace these values.  A full description of our typical job openings are below.

If you are interested in applying for the 2022 season, send your resume, references and a cover letter stating why you want to work for us to info@riverstoneorganicfarm.com.

Employees on tractor
Employee on Tractor

FULL-TIME seasonal positions

Full-time seasonal employees will accomplish a wide-array of tasks involved in growing organic produce, including transplanting, trellising, weeding, harvesting, washing, and packing.  Many tasks involve the use of specialized vegetable production equipment, like tractor-pulled planters, cultivators, and bed shapers, as well as machines for efficient harvesting and washing.   New employees will have the opportunity to learn from returning farm crew members about more advanced skills like irrigation, pest management, and soil fertility.  Those who express an interest and have modeled a mature and safe work ethic may be given the opportunity to operate tractors from time to time.  As our seasonal crew takes shape, there will be opportunities to assign specific roles according to interest and skill that will come with more in-depth training and increased responsibilities in various aspects of the farm operation: such as Wholesale Coordination, Market Prep, CSA Pack, Greenhouse Management, High Tunnel Crop Care, etc.  

Who Should Apply

Vegetable farming is physically and mentally challenging.  Applicants should be comfortable working with their bodies outdoors for long hours in all weather conditions.  They must have an attention to detail, a commitment to high-quality work, and an openness to seeking clarification and receiving feedback.  Previous experience working in the outdoors in agriculture or a related field is preferred but not required.  

Work Schedule

Our farm team works Monday through Friday, 40 – 45 hours per week.  We aim to adhere to a consistent start and end time, though there are occasional instances when we must stay longer to finish a task.  Full-time employees will be asked to participate in weekend work when the season demands.   

Seasonal full-time work extends from early May through early November.  Year-round positions may be available to qualified employees who desire to continue working beyond a single season. 

Compensation and Housing

Starting salary for new full-time employees is $11 an hour.  

Employees are provided housing in “the Village” at our farm, which consists of four small one-room cabins and two campers nestled in the woods above the farm.  Residents of the cabins share two common bathrooms, a fully equipped cabin, WiFi, and washer and dryer.  Employees have access to farm produce for personal use and receive a 20% discount at our on-farm store.

PART-TIME seasonal positions

Part-time employees provide invaluable support to keep our farm running smoothly. They accomplish essential tasks that must happen every week, even while the rest of the team is fully immersed in planting and harvesting.  Pruning tomatoes, weeding in the high tunnels, and bagging salad mix are a few examples.  Part-time employees will join in on large planting and harvesting activities when needed.

Who Should Apply 

 Local Floyd-ians with a passion for food, plants, and the outdoors are encouraged to apply.  Experience with gardening and/or working with your hands and bodies in some way is a must.  Applicants must have an acute attention to detail, be satisfied performing repetitive tasks, and be willing to work independently.

Work Schedule

Our farm team works Monday through Friday, 40 – 45 hours per week.  Works hours for part-time employees are flexible, but a minimum of 16 hours per week is expected.


Starting pay for part-time employees is $10 per hour.  Housing is not provided. 

Little River with Mist


Our farm is a beautiful place to work and live.  We love lounging by the river that borders our fields.  A two-mile hiking trail skirts the river and traverses the wooded ridge behind the village.  We share our little valley with the Josephine Porter Institute for Biodynamics and the Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary.  Downtown Floyd, only 8 miles from the farm, is a regional hotspot for folk music, and offers several nice restaurants, a brewery, a nationally-recognized coffee roastery, and a natural food store.  We are a stone’s-throw from the Blue Ridge Parkway and a 45-minute drive from both the university town of Blacksburg and the mid-sized city of Roanoke.