We are adapting the fastest we can to the best recommendations for keeping our customers and our staff healthy and safe during the corona virus pandemic.

The later half of March 2020 has felt like an entire year packed into just a few weeks. The world turned upside down and we were left scrambling to find our way forward. While we watched the virus spread across the country, here at Riverstone we kept planting and watching, and waiting to see how we should react. But it became clear that you, our community, reacted first in an outpouring of demand for local food: food that has been touched by far fewer hands, and traveled far fewer miles. Our Farm Store has been busier than ever, our CSA Farm Share program is growing, and we just finished our second week of online pre-orders and deliveries. Ok, honestly we were overwhelmed with orders this week and appreciate your patience as we work through a few kinks. More than ever, we feel essential and necessary to provide healthy, safe food to our neighbors.

We ARE wearing masks in all harvest and post-harvest procedures, washing hands often, gloving up to remind ourselves that everything we touch is a potential source of contamination, cleaning and sanitizing all produce-contact surfaces, individually bagging all items and moving towards more avenues for pre-ordering to encourage social distancing and ‘no-contact’ sales. We LOVE pre-orders. It means everything we harvest has already been sold (a huge win for farmers who can sometimes bring home over half of a farmer’s market haul if customers don’t show up). Even better is that every seed we plant has already been sold (that’s what CSA is all about!). Join our CSA! Pre-order via our webstore!

The reality of farming for us this week hasn’t been easy. We’ve lost multiple plantings of direct seedlings and transplants to maggots feeding on roots, discovered various expensive repairs, watched plastic blow off one of our tunnels, witnessed the high water table drown out crops, discovered hail damage to our buildings (thankfully not our crops), and had a whole family of mice (seriously we have caught at least 7) dig through our transplant trays to eat our chard seeds. When it rains, it pours. Sometimes ice.

We are grateful to YOU, our customers, who keep coming back for more and supporting us through all the ups and down. Together we can get through this.