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May to november


Choose your pick-up location in Blacksburg or Floyd.  Select which share type you’d like: “CSA Member” or “Shop Online”.  Choose how much money you’d like to spend: the more you buy at sign-up, the bigger the discount you get!  Read our Details and FAQ’s!


We will select a diversity of items each week to put into your online shopping cart.  Login to our webstore and swap out items to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t. We want you to LOVE your farm share.  Minimum order is $15/week.  Put your delivery on hold at any time for as many weeks as you choose.  


Pick up your share and enjoy fresh, local, organic produce from May through November!  

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Share types

csa member

We will pre-fill your online shopping cart weekly to reserve the best items just for you.  

shop online

Place an order whenever you’d like for pick-up at your selected location. 

why join?

Guaranteed delivery of the most popular items when you pre-order ahead of time.

Receive a discount when you pay upfront

ALL shares are FULLY customizable: you decide what you get, how often you pick-up and how much money you want to spend.

pre-paid payment options

veggie lover

Pay $1000 at sign-up and receive a $150 bonus ($1150 in your account). This is ~$40/week and would likely require some bulk buying. 

veggie Friend

Pay $750 at sign-up and receive a $100 bonus ($850 in your account). This is ~$30/week.

veggie fling

Pay $400 at sign-up and receive a $40 bonus ($440 in your account).  You would likely start to pay as you go after initial funds are used up. 

After initial funds are used up, members have the option to put more money on their account with check or credit card OR they would be switched to “pay as you go” and their cards would be charged weekly for their orders (preferred).  

pay as you go

All members, regardless of if they choose to be a “CSA Member” or just “Shop Online” have the option to be charged weekly only for the items they order.  This may be done at the beginning of the season or after their initial pre-paid amounts are depleted.