We usually hire a few part-time seasonal positions every season and occasionally have an opening for a full-time, year-round position.  However, all positions are currently filled for the 2024 season.  See below for a description of our part-time positions.  Feel free to send us a cover letter and resume to be considered when we need to hire in the future.  

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Employees on tractor

PART-TIME seasonal positions

Part-time employees provide invaluable support to keep our farm running smoothly. They accomplish essential tasks that must happen every week, even while the rest of the team is fully immersed in planting and harvesting.  Pruning tomatoes, weeding in the high tunnels, and bagging salad mix are a few examples.  Part-time employees will join in on large planting and harvesting activities when needed.

Who Should Apply 

Local Floyd-ians with a passion for food, plants, and the outdoors are encouraged to apply.  Experience with gardening and/or working with your hands and bodies in some way is a must.  Applicants must have an acute attention to detail, be satisfied performing repetitive tasks, and be willing to work independently.

Work Schedule

Our farm team works Monday through Friday,  40 – 45 hours per week.  Works hours for part-time employees are flexible based on need and availability.