Grass-Fed Lamb

SnowsheepsmallWe have a growing flock of Katahdin sheep which are specifically breed for their sweet, nutty flavored meat: a lamb roast makes a wonderful change for a special event and meat from pastured lambs is the healthy everyday choice for you and for the land.

Our lamb is certified Grass Fed. Sheep raised on the organic pastures at Riverstone Farm graze on the grasses and legumes and other plants they find in the fields. They are moved regularly to fresh grass in a rotational grazing system, which we employ to maintain the health of the animals, the soil, and the pastures. Grazing in this way mimics the way in which herds of ruminant animals would naturally graze over larger grasslands. They roam the pastures stress-free and get plump and healthy without the aid of growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The flock receives its dose of vitamins and minerals through a free choice feeder containing salt, and seaweed. Sheep are smart enough to know when they need supplements, and will avoid unsavory plants if they find them in the pastures. The resulting meat is a uniquely tender artisanal product, flavorful and free of added chemicals.

Katahdins are a breed of sheep developed in the states. They are bred for superior meat, and they are well suited to being born and raised on pasture so they are a perfect fit for our farm. We find them to be sweet, peaceful and engaging animals to work with. We breed our sheep here on the farm. This season there are 31 mama sheep (ewes) and two handsome young rams. Springtime sees the the birth of the new lambs  (commonly as twins), which makes it a great time to visit the farm.

We currently have a cuts of lamb available in our farm store. Whole and Half Lambs (Meat Shares) are available from December thru March on a rolling basis. You can pick up directly from the farm or we can ship to you.

For more information contact Mark at or 540-267-4432.