Pasture-Raised Pork

PigsYou may have seen our  hogs rooting around the woods last season at Riverstone. Their main diet consisted of a blend of non-GMO grain and the forages that we seed in their paddocks. We raise pigs in the woods so they can forage on the hickories and acorns, and use their snouts to stimulate the regeneration of the forest floor. We rotate the pigs to new areas often so that they don’t hurt the land. It is a good life for a pig and it makes a big impact on the taste and quality of the meat. Pigs raised on pasture, given wholesome feed, and treated humanely taste amazing.

Our Pork is available by the cut at our on-farm store. We now have delicious ham and bacon available too.

We can also ship meat and we will email a price list on request,  but keep in mind the inventory is always changing. In October and March we offer a chance to buy whole or half animals (Meat Shares), a more economical way to stock up.

For more information contact Mark at mark@riverstoneorganicfarm.com or 540-267-4432.