Our certified on-farm kitchen is set up to take advantage of our fresh organic crops as we harvest and preserve them for later use. We also do some baking and offer lunches to visiting groups. Many of our recipes come from Jackie’s childhood memories of making jams and preserves with her Scottish grandmother. Others have developed to take the best advantage of the crops we grow. For example, our butternut-ginger soup uses two of our most prolific crops. We use our own produce wherever possible and our products use almost entirely organic ingredients.

Blackberry Apple Jam

Jams & Marmalades

We feature our berry crops: blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and raspberries to create our signature jams. We like to add a twist such as Minted Raspberry, where the mint brightens the flavor of the berries. Rhubarb is also a great jam fruit. Most of our jams are a little less sweet than average and they are all set with natural pectin from the fruit used, or with added apple pectin that we make in our kitchen. Marmalades are a quintessentially British product. Their tangy taste comes from using whole citrus fruit. Our two marmalades, Lemon Ginger and Rosehip, take advantage of the organic ginger and organic rosehips from the farm to create unique flavours.

Heirloom Tomato Chutney

Pickles & Preserves

Bumper crops of vegetables beg to be turned into preserves. Our specialties are Sushi Ginger, Heritage Tomato Chutney, Sweet Pepper Relish, and the British favorite Piccalilli (a turmeric pickle based on cauliflower and other vegetables).

Tomato Soup


The farm store features a variety of our frozen soups. These based on our vegetable stock and feature Riverstone vegetables with other organic ingredients such as beans and coconut milk. All of our soups are gluten free and many are dairy free. They are all GMO free. They come packed in quart containers, which can be thawed for immediate use or kept frozen for later. The soups are hearty, designed so that you can add milk, stock or water if you wish to extend the portions.

Riverstone Farm Kitchen Blueberry Cashew Granola


We just love granola! We regularly bake small batches in our kitchen, using organic ingredients. We have three varieties, one of which—the maple walnut—is gluten free, made with gluten free oats. All the varieties are packed with nuts and seeds and are sweetened with honey and maple syrup only.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea


We grow fresh herbs at Riverstone. Our spearmint is a locally adapted variety which we blend with organic green tea to make Moroccan Mint Green Tea. We are happy to be growing a delicious peppermint, Blue Balsam, which is an excellent tea herb. Our herb gardens are developing and more tea blends are on the way.